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  Welcome and Guidelines

Welcome to the New Year, New You Challenge 2018!

It's cliche and overdone that people start a whole new fitness program in January. It's become a joke that people will be in the gym the first week in January and gone by Martin Luther King Day and it happens a lot - mostly because people try to make huge changes all at once instead of focusing on changing smaller habits consistently. It's said that it takes 21 Days to create a habit and we are going to work on changing habits and making time for exercise 3-4 times a week.

New Year, New You is a 21 Day program where each day you get a 2-3 minute motivational video, 4 weekly workouts, and a printable Food Journal/Habit Tracker. The At Home Guide to Kettlebells is included for those who need to learn or brush up on their kettlebell skills and you have unlimited priority email access to me for any questions.

This is not a "Whole 30," "Keto," "Paleo" etc... challenge (although I am an advocate of everyone doing at least one Whole30 in their life as an education on how certain foods affect you.) There is no one nutrition box for everyone and you can choose whatever eating plan you want and that works for you, your lifestyle, and schedule. What you will do is decide how many days you want to work out, and pick 3 habits to stick with. The habits can be simple such as "Stop eating when 80% full," "Choose fruit instead of a processed snack," or more complicated such as "Comply with Whole30 guidelines."

The Saturday before each week, you will receive the habit tracker and food journal as a .pdf that you can print out and modify. You will also get your 4 workouts so you can plan your training sessions for the week.

The first Saturday will include some suggestions for your habits if you are stuck trying to decide which nutrition and lifestyle habits you would like to adopt.

The challenge will start on January 1st and will run to January 21. To qualify as a winner, you will submit before and after photos no later than January 25th to give you some leeway on start date if you don't want to get started until the 2nd or 3rd. The 3 finalists will be posted on my FB page and the Train With Delaine page for votes. You may blur out your face if you must. The voting will run from January 27-30 and the winner will be announced on January 31st. You can solicit friends and family to vote.

The winner will win a Rogue Kettlebell of their choice (up to 32kg/70lbs) and a spot in the Strength Retreat 2018 in Costa Rica (flight and lodging not included.)

Food Journal%2FHabit Tracker.pdf